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Ideal watches,eurofake replicas,blue fakes ,rave replicas and all other members of this conglomeration of deceitful companies whose existence is justified only by their desire to rip people off and take their money by providing them inferior watch replicas at astronomical prices.They have created a system of deciet by leading consumers to believe through their replicacenter website that they are experts in the watch replica field and that the reputable dealers are none other than those listed as such ,namely themselves.Replicacenter website list articles and information seemingly in the best interest of the consumer.However ,it merely fosters a false sense of security that the information providers want them to feel which is secure enough to be led into purchasing their inferior products for far considerably more money than they are worth.I have purchased rolex replicas from blue fakes,ravereplicas,idealwatches and eurofakes.All products were inferior in craftsmanship(visually noticeable unlike watch meant to replicate),material(gold tarnished/faded),and functionality(did not work).The persons contacted to purchase the watches ended up being the same person for all the companies as well as the address on lafayette street the money orders went to.Please avoid being ripped off by these people as i have been.DO NOT PATRONIZE THEM!

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La Grange, Illinois, United States #235943

Me too. Same ***.

They suck!

Bunch of crooked scam ***'s. Scammed me out of $1000

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