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The company is a rip off and does not honor it's warranty. They asked me to return the watch that didn't work and send a check for $50 for a repair fee.

They cashed my check and will not retrun any calls for the past 3 months. Buyer beware!!!!!! Their warranty claim service section of the website purposely does not work and always times out. Please check prior to purchasing anything on the site.

After footing $1000 for a fake watch, I have learned an invaluable lesson. You took me for a ride Tom and Sande!

I hope you all get what you deserve!

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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The replica/fake watches come from Asia. Non are swiss or swiss made as said claims.

These counterfeit products are illegal. Anyone who knows anything about watches will quickly spot a fake, even from a distance. Since the people that sell these are criminals, there should be no expectation for any type of warranty to be honored.

Plenty of great affordable watches out there. Buy junk and you will always be dissapointed.


they are a pure scam company. liars.

disrespectful customer svc. do not buy from them.


idealwatches is FRAUD ! I lost us 900


Weird. I purchased a Yacht Master from them and a couple of months later it failed to work.

Probably because I went swimming with it which they clsim is OK. The replication is incredible.

Long Story short,I called,returned the watch and they sent me a brand new one that I wore today and works great and keeps excellent time. Just my comment. I was going to buy another one but their site is down so obviously something went wrong.

Good luck to all out there and definately be careful. By the way, they did take credit cards at the time.

Kumertau, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation #17782

just like euro fakes they sold me a damage watch and when i sent it back to them i had a big argument over the phone with the company owner and he told me that my check had bounce and he wasnt returning the watch mind you they got paid with bank issue cashier check that had already been cashed this company is a fraud and a scam now im out of 950 dollars and no watch i filed an online fraud report to investigate this company so this dosnt happen to any one else

Farmington, Maine, United States #12900

DO NOT BUY A WATCH FROM THIS WEBSITE. I paid $850 for a piece of junk.

THEY WILL NOT HONOR THEIR RETURN POLICY! That is why they only take a money order or cashiers check C.O.D.

They will not give your money back, repair a watch, or exchange the watch as they promise. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Hamlet, North Carolina, United States #12177

Ideal watch company should be investigated for fraud. They do not answer e-mail requests or the telephone regarding repair of their products. Take a word of advice, don't deal with this company

Arlington, Virginia, United States #10355

Horrible customer service! They NEVER answer their phone, do not return calls or emails, information on website is inaccurate -- RIGHT now, they have $950 of my money and I have no refund and no watch !!

Who else can this be reported to? :(

Hastings, Minnesota, United States #3821

Yes, they are blatent fakes and they DO NOT honor any knd of warantee. They'll pretend to, but they wont.

You'll get screwed. :(

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