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7 comments stands for scam and liars

For a company like who has been in business since 2002 surely needs to be shut down. When i purchased a watch from ideal watches the woman i spoke to named Kathy. She told me that the watches match the pictures on the web site. Very untrue. The watch looked nothing like the picture.

I was also told if i took the watch to a watch jeweler that they could not tell if the watch was a fake. Also untrue. has no right being in business. When i called them to tell them i wanted my money back i was told that was not there policy.

But when you look at there website it says 7 day money back guarantee and no questions asked. i paid $1000 plus $25 shipping and handling for a watch that is nothing what i ordered. Now i have nothing to show for it. I will do whatever i can to have them shutdown.

Jennifer Rogers,Maine

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I paid 1K for a Lady Rolex replica. Initially the watch was fine but within a month the plating was coming off the band and the minute hand became disconnected.

As of today I have called Ideal Watches 29 times and have talked to anyone who would listen concerning their warranty. I have even sent about 20 emails. This company is a total SHAM full of LIARS and totally irresponsible staff. I honestly have never seen anything like it in my life.

ANYONE who buys anything from this company is a FOOL (including myself).They have told me someone would contact me numerous times...It is ALL lies!!!!!! Do yourself a favor ...spring for a real Rolex from a honest, reputable company.

I lost 1K for a piece of junk I can't even use for a paperweight. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOTHING BUT CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!NUF SAID.


John, You get what you pay for? What a crock of *** bud...

$1000 for a replica and I better get a good watch rather than a Chinese piece of junk. We're not pissed about not being able to pawn them off as Rolex watches, we're pissed at the false representation of these sites. So read a little deeper fuckhead.... is another one to watch out for. False advertising, poor customer support, COD cons are all reasons to put these guys out of business.

Karagandy, Qaraghandy, Kazakhstan #28007

I have one that broke 1 week efter i got it i sent it back and dont get any response or refund.

Can we do any thing together ?

Korampallam, Tamil Nadu, India #26589

and to the lawyer guy! your buying a FAKE rolex.

So stop with the LAWYER business. Your not that dumb.

Korampallam, Tamil Nadu, India #26587

You guys are funny! You order watches that are knock offs and cant pass them off as real and you want to shut the place down.

The quality of their watches are great ( i own 2) the shipping was easy (COD) and no issues what so ever.

I undestand what I am buying. You get what you pay for.

Barinitas, Barinas, Venezuela #18037

They ripped me off too and won't send me my money back or even return my calls. Same person is "kathy" who I dealt with.

Just wait until my lawyer gets a hold of them.

It's already in the works! It's straight up theft!

Newville, Pennsylvania, United States #16418


I was ripped off by Ideal Watches too. I ordered a Platinum Yachtmaster replica back on April 23rd.

It did not have the proper markings and Kathy asked that i return it and select another watch. I then ordered the two tone model and it was supposed to ship next day. When I didn't receive it, I called and spoke to Kathy and she said it shipped via ground by mistake. At that point I decided to purchase an authentic Rolex and told Kathy i would be returning the replica.

She said no problem and told me i would have my refund in 10 to 14 days. Well, I returned the watch along with all documents related to the sale and a letter explaining why I was returning it. Needless to say I never got my refund and I have since called dozens of times and nobody has answered. I noticed today that their website is shut down.

They screwed my out of 1000.00 plus another 100.00 I spend in sending the watches back to them via FedEx.

Strange thing is I ordered a replica Submariner from them about two years ago and everything went well. I am not sure what recourse we have, but I will do whatever I can to bring the scam artists to justice!

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